Piešťanské Zlaté stuhy 2020

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Piešťany Golden Ribbons – The History

Development of motorism in Piešťany is inseparably linked to the local spa. In 1912, the family Winter bought the passenger car of the Dion Bouton brand, which they were renting to the spa guests together with a driver.

In 1932 – 1937 in Piešťany, there were held the famous competitions for the most beautiful car known as the Concours d‘ Elégance. They were the culminations of the finishing tours to Piešťany and famous spa guests and local doctors with their shiny cars participated in them as well, as e.g. the actor Vlasta Burian, singer Richard Taubner, Contess Geraldína Apponyi of Oponice, doctor Ladislav Schmidt and many others.

The tradition of the competition was restored after 1980 with the title Piešťany Golden Ribbons – Concours d’ Elégance already as a show of historical cars. Usually, the programme of the competition consists of a tour on a chosen route outside the Piešťany. However, the most attractive for the audience is the tour through the city and show of the cars on the Spa Island and chosing the most beautiful of them. Each year, thanks to the enthusiastic lovers of the veteran cars we can admire the precious cars from different countries with their contemporary dressed crews. In front of the Hotel Thermia Palace, which creates a dignified, elegant, contemporary and appropriate environment, the individual veteran cars together with their crews oficially present themselves to the public.

At the occassion of the 100th anniversary of the Hotel Thermia Palace and the 80th anniversary of Concours d‘ Elégance, the organisers have prepared for you a rich accompanying programme. Historic cars compete in categories according to the model from the historic year 1932.

1. Cars – year of manufacture before 1918

2. Cars – year of manufacture  1919 – 1945  (sports cars, racing cars)

3. Cars – year of manufacture  1919 – 1945  (road cars – open)

4. Cars – year of manufacture  1919 – 1945  (road cars – closed)

5. Cars – year of manufacture  1946 – 1970  (sports cars, racing cars)

6. Cars – year of manufacture  1946 – 1970  (road cars – open)

7. Cars – year of manufacture  1946 – 1970  (road cars – closed)